To have FUN, meet like minded people and make new friends. Being social and getting exercise improves overall quality of life and makes you a better person (Please disregard if you're already perfect).


If going to the gym and running on a treadmill is your idea of some crazy hell, then TAG is the answer for you. Chasing a ball & frantically trying to rip off tags is the best way to break a sweat, and fit in your daily workout. Also; scientists say it will make you a happier person. Exercise makes your body release endorphins. Endorphins reduce pain and trigger positive feelings…happy days!


Play Heineken Light TAG because you love sports and our TAG leagues are Mixed where men and women play equally on the same team. Speaking of love, maybe you’ll meet someone who makes you smile! (Disclaimer: Heineken Light TAG takes no responsibility for any romantic connections made as a result of joining a team causing broken hearts.)


Play TAG because you love the idea of trying new sports, but you are pretty sure you might be crap. Perhaps you have moved to a new city, new job, new life & looking to upgrade your friendship circle. TAG offers Fun, BEGINNER friendly coaching, social TAG leagues for males and females, but no one is taking themselves too seriously.


Play Heineken Light TAG because you are majorly time poor. Finding time for friends and exercise is tricky, why not do both? Grab your mates and make a team, then each week you have the chance to catch up, work out, and enjoy a cheeky Heineken Light post game beer in our ‘clubhouse’.