Since we first introduced Tag to Ireland back in 2000, we have accumulated lots of experience regarding how to grade teams for our leagues. One of the problems we found was that teams would register, for example, into a “Beginners” league because there were 2 new people on the team...even though the other 10 members were all experienced players! This team would then go and hammer all the teams it played against.

Also, when you are registering the team for the Summer League in March, you often don’t know who is going to be on your team come Game 1 in May – making it very hard to accurately judge how strong your team is! In summary, leaving it up to teams to “self-grade” doesn’t work!!!

We therefore now operate a Phased Grading system for many of our league to truly rank teams in a venue. 
  1. Now, at registration, you choose the venue and night that suits you best. 
  2. We then use the first few weeks of the league (Phase 1) to determine your standard. 
  3. After this (Phase 2), we will rank everyone with the top teams going into Division 1, the next ones going into Division 2 etc. So if you lose all your games in Phase 1, you play against the teams that also lost all their grading matches in Phase 2. 
  4. The result is that you will end up be playing against teams at your appropriate level. 
This Grading approach has proven to be very popular and successful since its launch in 2011, as it results in fewer mismatches thus creating a much fairer and more enjoyable tournament for everyone! 

If you have any queries about our Grading system, drop us a line on


Example of Phased Grading in 9 Week Summer League
Phase 1 - Grading:

You register for your preferred night and venue.

  • Your team is initially put into a mini group for the first 3 weeks.
  • You will play a number of short matches (either 20 or 40 min long) over these 3 weeks.
  • Your results over these 3 weeks determines what grade you play in for the remaining 6 weeks.

Phase 2 - Round Robin:

  • After Phase 1, we will know your level and be able to put you in a group with teams who are at the same standard as you.
  • If you win all your Phase 1 games, you will go into Division 1 with the other teams in your venue who did well in their Phase 1 games.
  • Similarly if you lose all your Phase 1 games, you will go into the bottom Phase 2 grade with other teams who didn't do so well over the initial 3 weeks

Phase 3 - Knock Outs:

  • Regardless of how you get on in Phase 2, you still have an opportunity of finishing the season with some silverware, as Phase 3 is Knock Out Phase, where you play one or a series of knockout matches to determine the winner.
  • As in previous years, there are Cup, Plate, Bowl and SuperBowl trophies for teams who win their specific Divisions.


Other Leagues
We will use variants of this Grading System for all our other leagues, depending on whether they are 4, 6 or 8 weeks long. The structure of each League is dependant on the number of teams registered - we explain the grading process to all team captains and vice captains by email before the start of each campaign.