Our status as members of the International Tag Federation alongside Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Japan & South Africa, has resulted in us developing a pathway for players to play Tag, firstly, for your Region and then, if selected, for Team Ireland.


Each Region is invited to take part in the Regional Tag Championships each summer, where they compete in the following categories:

·          Women's Open

·          Men's Open

·          Mixed Open

·          Mixed Seniors (Girls aged 30+ in 2016, Guys aged 33+ in 2016)


The 2017 Regional Tag Championships will take place on Saturday 29th of July in Cork.

In this section, we will cover:

1.     The Regions

2.     The Squads

3.     International Pathway

4.     Regional Tag Co-Coordinators

5.     Regional Tag Championships - Previous Winners

6.     Eligibility - Dublin & Limerick

7.     Eligibility - Cork, Kildare & Galway

8.     Eligibility - London

Cork Mixed Senior Team 2014
1. The Regions
The best players in the Summer League will be selected to represent the following Regions:


1.     Dublin

2.     Baile Atha Claith

3.     Cork

4.     Limerick

5.     Galway

6.     Kildare

7.     London 

8.     Clare

If you are not form one of the above regions and you think the region where you play might want to enter a team please get in touch with us at allstars@tagrugby.ie.


Dublin #2 Women's Team 2014

2. The Squads

Each of these regions will attempt where possible to enter squads in the categories listed below. With 16 players per squad x 4 categories, each Region could have 60+ players representing them in 2016, which is over 400 Rep Tag players in total across the country.

·        Mixed Open

·        Men’s Open

·        Women’s Open

·        Mixed Seniors (Girls aged 30+ in 2015, Guys aged 33+ in 2015)


If you are selected for your Region, you will play in the Regional Tag Championships as follows:

·        Cork

·        Saturday 29th of July 2017 

·        Cost per person = Expected to be €30 

·        Multiple Intensive "ITF-standard" Games 

·        4 Team Categories, as listed above

·        30 Min Matches (60 min break between games)

·        Pitches best players from each Region against each other

·        Doubles up as Team Ireland Trial


Please note that all players who play in Regional Championships are eligible for Team Ireland Squad selection as long as they have either an Irish Passport or 3 Years

Residency in Ireland. So, if you are playing on a Men's/Women's Open team, you are still eligible for selection on a Mixed squad and vice versa.


If you are selected to play Tag for your Region, you must pay online your Regional Player Fee (expected to be €30), which covers the costs of:

·     Participation in Regional Tag Championships on Sat 29th July in Cork


Kildare Mixed Open Team 2014
3. Pathway to Play Regional Tag
Simply click on the image below for PDF on how to play Regional Tag and potentially Tag Ireland.

4. Regional Tag Coordinators

Dublin Tuesday/Thursday Andrew Doyle dublin1tuesdayregiona@tagrugby.ie
Dublin Social David Sturridge davidsurridge@gmail.com
Galway Elaine Hall & Ed Brennan galwayregion@tagrugby.ie
Limerick Shane Landers limerickregion@tagrugby.ie
Cork David Hayes corkregion@tagrugby.ie
London Gary McNamara londonregion@tagrugby.ie
Kildare Eoin Tighe kildareregion@tagrugby.ie


    If you are interested in getting involved in the Coaching & Selection of Regional Team, then simply email with where you are based and we will hopefully be able to find a suitable role for you!

5. Previous Winners


2015 was our second year running the Regional Tag Championships, which took place in UCD in June. Points are awarded to each Region, depending on their performances in each of the categories...and Dublin Thursday were crowned Regional Tag Champions taking the title from the then holders Limerick.


Limerick Squad - Regional Tag Winners 2014

6. Eligibility - Dublin & Limerick

If you are based in Dublin or Limerick, to be eligible to play Tag at Regional Level, you must play in one of the Elite Leagues which are 8 a side with squads of 16:

·          Premiership

·          Women's Super League

·          Men's Super League

In both cities, these leagues are on separate nights to the most popular Social Leagues, allowing you play Social Tag with your friends or work mates - and then play with another team at Elite Level.

·          Women's Super League

·          Dublin = Mondays in UCD Spring and Summer

·          Limerick = Wednesdays in UL in Spring

·          Men's Super League

·          Dublin = Mondays in UCD Spring and Summer

·          Limerick = Wednesdays in UL in Spring

·          Mixed Premiership

·          Dublin = Tuesdays or Thursdays in UCD Summer

·          Limerick = Thursdays in Old Crescent RFC Summer

Players only be selected for a team in the category they regularly play in.

·         To be eligible to play Mixed at Regional Level, you must play in Premiership

·         To be eligible to play Women's at Regional Level, you must play in Women's Super League

·         To be eligible to play Men's at Regional Level, you must play in Men's Super League

·         To double your chances of being selected to play Rep Tag, and thus be eligible for selection in either Mixed or Men's/Women's teams, you should play in both the               Premiership and Men's/Women's Leagues. 

Dublin #1 Mixed Senion Team 2014


7. Eligibility - Cork, Galway, Kildare, Clare and Limerick/Dublin Mixed Social 

If you are based in Cork, Galway or Kildare, Clare to be eligible to play Tag at Regional Level, you will need to play in one of these Leagues:?

·         Cork:

                        - Cork Con Mixed Premiership on Mondays

·         Galway

                        - St. Mary’s Mixed Social Tag on Tuesdays 

·         Clare

                  - Ennis RFC

·         Kildare - 2 Options:

                      - Naas Sports Centre - Mixed Social Tag on Thursdays
                      - North Kildare RFC - Mixed Social Tag on Tuesdays

·         Limerick/Dublin Mixed Social

                                - All Dublin Social Venues
                                - Old Crescent RFC Social League Thursdays




Galway Mixed Open Team 2014