Ideal for elite players, the Tag Premiership is the highest standard of weekly league you can play in. Consisting of the best taggers in the country playing each other on a regular basis, the standard of play in the Premiership is consistently very high. Everyone playing at this level is eligible to play Representative Tag, firstly for your Region and then if selected for Ireland.
Games are 8 a side with a minimum of 4 girls on the pitch at all times. You can have up to 8 subs on the sideline so a maximum of 16 players in your squad each night. Matches are 40 minutes long with 2 x 20 min halves and 5 mins for half time.
Matches in the Tag Premiership are played under International Tag Federation laws, which have a number of differences to standard Mixed Social Tag laws. All games at Representative & International level use ITF laws so players chosen for these teams will be very familiar with them after playing in the Premiership.
  1. Competition Regulations
  2. Summer Structure
  3. Basic Laws
  4. Pathway for Representative Tag
  5. Register for Premiership
  7. 1. Premiership Venues 
  8. Here are a list of venues around the country which host Tag Premiership:
  10. SPRING
    • Dublin - UCD Rugby (All Weather Pitch), Wednesdays 
    • SUMMER
    • Dublin - UCD Sports Centre Grass Pitch, Tuesdays & Thursdays
    • Limerick - Old Crescent RFC, Thursdays

2. Competition Regulations

We are looking to grow the Premiership and to make the league more professional. In order to do this, we are introducing the following regulations:
  • You can only play for one Team Per League
    • You cannot, for example, play for one Premiership team this Thurs and another one next Thurs  - you stick to the same team at the start of the league.

  • Playing on a Premiership or Social Team
    • You can play in Social and Premiership leagues - but, in the interest of Social Taggers, there is a maximum of 2 x 2015 International players allowed on a Social team.

    • DUBLIN: In UCD, each pitch is a separate "venue". So if you wanted to play Premiership and Social on the same night in UCD, register for 2 separate pitches (eg Grass for Premiership and All Weather Rugby for Social). You cannot play Premiership & Social on UCD Grass.

    • LIMERICK: You can play Social and Premiership on Thursdays but there is a maximum of 2 x 2015 International players allowed on a Social Team. If you would like to try Premiership in Old Crescent but don't have a full team, sign up as an Individual Player where you will play a Premiership game in Round 4 at 21:15 each Thursday after your Social match (which will be in Rounds 1, 2 or 3).
  • Squads lists must be submitted to info@tagrugby.ie one week before league starts.
    • Unlimited squad size for League but maximum 16 players each night
    • There is some flexibility allowed - you can bring in an unaffiliated player before any match if you are short numbers but you must declare this unaffiliated players as follows:
      1. Inform your Venue Manager on the night; AND
      2. Email info@tagrugby.ie within 24 hours of your match kick off time.
    • As standard Premiership laws, this player cannot already be on the squad list of another Premiership team in the League.
    • Failure to adhere to this regulation means you have played an illegal player and thus your team forfeits the match.
  • We will email each captain a PDF with the squad list of every Premiership team before the league start. This is to make everything as transparent as possible. We will update this PDF of Premiership players and their teams throughout the league as unaffiliated players are added.
  • Numbered Jerseys
    • To help us improve standards with the league and allow us in the future keep track of Top Male / Female Try Scorer etc, all Premiership teams must wear numbered jerseys.
    • A player must write their jersey number and name on team sheet.
    • Each number must be legible.
    • Each player must have their own individual jersey number on the night (no duplicates).
3. Summer Structure
In Dublin, there is currently a large gap between the Premiership and the Social Leagues. In order to grow the Premiership and bridge this gap, we are introducing the following structure for Summer 2017:
    • 16 teams divided into 2 Premiership Divisions:
      • Division 1 will consist of the top ranked Summer 2015 Premiership Teams
      • Division 2 will consist of the lower-ranked Summer 2015 Premiership teams and new teams moving up from social (who have been too intimidated in the past to play Premiership)
      • We hope this new structure will allow for promotion and relegation between the two divisions in the future as follows:
        • Div 1 SuperBowl Loser (8th placed team) is relegated to Div 2 for Summer 2016 Premiership
        • Winner Div 2 Cup is promoted to Div 1 for Summer 2016 Premiership
      • Your team registers for the Premiership and we place you into Div 1 or Div 2 using the following criteria
        • Previous Performance in Premiership
        • Number of Rep Tag Players
      • At least 16 Premiership teams must register for the 2 Division model to work.
    4. Basic Laws for Premiership Tag
      • 8 players on the pitch 
      • Maximum 4 guys on the field of play - most teams play with 4 guys and 4 girls
      • To start a game, you must have at least 5 players on pitch, of which 1 must be female. You no longer need to have 3 females on the pitch at all times.
      • Squads of up to 16 players allowed
      • Scoring:
        • Boy try = 1pt
        • Girls try = 2pts
      • Roll ball with foot only - not with hand (NEW)
      • Bonus Box 
      • Defending players are permitted to tag attacking players on either side of the attacker's body, provided the defender does not initiate contact or impede the progress of the attacking player in the process of making the tag. (NEW)
      • 50-10 Kicking Law
        • If inside own half, you can try to kick ball over touchline between try line and 10m marker
        • If ball bounces and goes out of play, your team regains possession on 10m line @ Tag 0
        • Ball must still be grubber kick (under Referee's shoulder height)
      • Diving:
        • Players are allowed to dive for tries
          • Ball must be placed on ground first before elbows or knees. 
          • No swallow dives. 
          • No deliberate contact. 
          • Referees will disallow diving if they feel it is dangerous
        • A defending player can dive on the ball to secure possession
        • An attacking player can only dive on the ball to score a try
      • Kicking:
        • You can fly-hack the ball at any stage of a match
        • You do not need any tags on to kick the ball from the ground
      • Any player can is allowed kick off at re-starts
      • The non-scoring team kicks off after a try (NEW)
      • No Accelerate-Her rule
      • No MVPs (REMOVED)
      • No surrendering. An attacker must keep moving - they cannot deliberately stop and present tags to defender.

    Differences between Social & Premiership Tag 
      Social Tag  Premiership Tag 
    # Players on Pitch? 7 8
    Max # Males on Pitch? 4 4
    # Players on Squad? 14 16
    Points for Female Try? 3 2
    Who Can Kick Off / Restart?             Female Only           Male or Female     
    Accelerate-HER? Yes No
    50-10 Kicking Law? No Yes
    5. Pathway for Representative Tag
    As we are now a member of the International Tag Federation, we have developed a pathway for players to play firstly for your Region and then, if selected, for Ireland. To be eligible for selection, you must be playing regularly at elite level.

    NB: If you only play Mixed Social Tag, you will not be eligible 
    to play Representative Tag for your Region or Ireland

    6. Register for Premiership
    There are two ways that you can play in the Tag Premiership: